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Liberty Center for Learning provides families with quality education in a small, private school

setting. At LCL, there is the flexibility and freedom that homeschoolers enjoy, allowing

customization of each student’s academic needs to best assist in and progress in learning.

Monday-Thursday, the academic focus at Liberty Center for Learning are the traditional 3R’s as

well as unrevised history, creation-based science, technology, art appreciation. LCL meets each

day from 8:30am.-1:30pm. Fridays there will be optional field trip and enrichment days.

Pacing for each student is individualized and customized according to their learning strengths.

Ability and performance determines the rate a student progresses rather than strictly using a

grade level placement. Quarterly assessments will determine the child’s progress with input

from the child’s parents to assist in directing their child’s educational goals.

Flexibility in Schedule allows students to participate in extracurricular activities and learning

options. LCL is a fit for the competitive athlete, for the homeschool family or for those new to the

private education opportunity.

Founder, Sandra Vernon, has been teaching for over 21 years. 10 were in the public school

setting and 11+ in the private education setting. With a passion for a lifestyle of lifetime of

learning, one of Sandra’s goals is to ignite and perhaps installs this lifestyle into her students.

She instructs with grace and extends this to her students. She encourages her students to "think

outside of the box", use logic and reason, to try new things, to make mistakes and learn from

them; to get back up and try again.

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